AEBN Pitch Slider

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This sales tool will enable you to take the same sales pitch carousel that appears on your theater and use it anywhere you want. With just a few simple steps, you can add this tool to a blog, banner, index or other HTML page.

Resize this sales tool to fit your content. The carousel is designed to expand to 100% of the container in which it is placed. Set the size of your target div to the dimensions you want.

The Pitch Slider Sales Tool is fully responsive. This means that it will look great on a large monitor or on a phone or tablet.

The content of the carousel is updated automatically whenever the pitch on your theater changes. No updating or configuration needed on your site.

You can customize your carousel by passing in options that control things like the amount of time between slides, whether content is loaded into a new window when a slide is clicked and randomization of the slide order.

It takes just a few lines of code to set up this sales tool. See the help page for detailed instructions. If you would like a preview of your carousel, go to the builder page to see the result of using different options. You can even get the code to recreate the results on your own page.